Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Habits

1. Make daily lists/ updates of short term and long term goals.

2. Plan out your meals for a week

3. Schedule your vacations 2months in advance

4. Plan out your social activities 4days in advance

5. Try one new hobby every 3months

6. Take a nap

7. Unplug to relax I.e. Cell phone, T.V. & Computer

8. Get sunlight everyday

9. Have regular Sex

10. Treat exercise as non negotiable 


  1. i like number 6. take a nap cos i'd rly need it right now

  2. Great tips. I try to do most of these things but it can be hard to get them all in to your day.

  3. That works always until I start skipping steps, that's when I mess up

  4. If I actually followed at least half of these my life would be so much easier! number 10 is now my official motto!
    awesome post. thanks.

  5. This is actually some pretty useful stuff. I'm such a procrastinator it really getting to me. I think what I truely need is routine... this has got me in the gear for change! Thank you!^.^

  6. I have to start doing all these

  7. For #9 does it have to be with another human or can I do it with myself?

  8. I don't like to plan things! =)


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