Saturday, July 9, 2011

Childhood dreams of an Abrupt Mind!

Everyone has something that they have been through in their life!! Haven’t we all? Your absolutely right! It’s hard to control what can’t be controlled. You ask yourself Why!? Why!? Am I the one who has to be dealing with the utmost crucial agony? You begin to panic. You start feeling as if you’re fighting for survival! Can I pull through? Why not? I’m the one who should have control and if I don’t then I’ll be taken control of.  What do I do? Think into the future about feeling the best you ever have because that’s the way it should be!

I do everything I can that can be done in order to help the situation although misfortune and misery love company soo much they are always lingering around off in the distance ready to pounce! Imagine you were feeling great having fun then all of a sudden you abruptly get picked up by your feet get raised thirty feet in the air and dropped head first to a plummet of doom! Are my metaphors and analogies not good enough? How about someone picks up a sludge hammer and swinging it full speed at your head, dome, noggin or better yet skull crushing blunt trauma, leaving you feel handicapped. Can you imagine the pain? It’s rather unfathomable!

By now you have to be wondering why in the World this person would be sitting around thinking about things like that! Is he corrupt? Does he have morals? Of course I do! For the love of God people I’m merely expressing the nature of something I’ve had to deal with my whole life! Which by any means I would never wish upon another human being, not even my worst enemy.  That would just be terrible. That’s the best way of describing something so horrific!

My mind computes at a level of immeasurable speed it can be both a hindrance and or advancement. Basically there were different ways of approaching the topic of Cluster Headaches! Of course I had to make it dramatic because it’s not a joke here. This is one of the most serious cases of human deficiencies. It’s completely hereditary and uncontrollable. The scary thing is they were called “Suicide Headaches” for the reason being that people would feel that excruciating pain for over a week or more. Can you imagine feeling like that for that long? I haven’t had an episode for that long although the longest was a few days.

Cluster Headaches are not fun whatsoever! Symptoms include nausea, vertigo, intense sensitivity to light and sound and feeling as if an ice pick is being inserted in more than one spot in your brain. There is not much that can be done unless you catch it ahead of time by taking some sort of pain reliever.  A dark quiet area is best for rest with ice on your head and a heat pad on your neck. Keep a bucket bedside you are going to need it! I remember having this medical condition which is incurable since I was in elementary school! Wow. I just had Déjàvu!

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