Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two F-18 Fighter Jet's Fly by

Just yesterday I was in my room and could hear the loudest rumbling as if a rocket was being launched! I ran outside to see what was going on! As I look up into the sky the noise was trailing two F-18 Fighter Jet's and not closely either. They were traveling at the speed of sound while the trailing rumbling was  literally shaking my house. The sound wishes it could catch up to how fast these two Jet's were going!

Thank you for guarding our skies boy's!

Seeing an aircraft like this always gets me excited. Kinda makes me feel like a kid again. I've always wanted be in flight with a pilot of an F-18. Maybe someday I'll get my chance. I don't plan on joining the Air Force anytime soon unless my friends who are soldiers asks me to fight! They are some brave boys which I give high honors to and props. It's nice knowing that they can be there in a heartbeat.
Fighter Jet below breaking the sound barrier! 
The pilots who fly these have to be well trained! Not anyone can handle the G-Forces. 


  1. that's a real cool photo with the sound barrier

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  2. I used to love seeing planes like that as I used to live near a military base. Now I live in a country that doesn't have any military at all so I only get to see the occasional passenger plane :(

  3. love the pics and f-18 are such a nice planes

  4. I'm really lucky too, there is a annual air show in the neighboring city, so the pilots practice for a week right over us. SO awesome.

  5. A few kilometers from here (I live in Germany) is a base of the US Army. I know these jets. Sometimes they just fly over and over again...


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