Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have been inventing for years!! Do you have a great invention, and haven't acted on it yet? What are you waiting for!! I decided before my ideas get taken. I should do something about it. I've drawn my ideas and tried to get it notorized and I never could. Patten Attorney's cost thousands of dollars. Before I would even have my invention made into a prototype I was looking at over $15,000. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of money to me. I finally decided to schedule a meeting with InventHelp who has been in the business of inventions for over 25years.

InventHelp is located around the world. 
My meeting was today with InventHelp. I learned everything that you need to know in order to move forward on the ideas that I have in which I believe could be the next Billion dollar idea.. I will tell you everything companies don't want to tell you!

 Including: Steps on how to prepare yourself before you schedule a meeting, how much it will cost with no hidden fees or unexplained information that you have to find out the hard way. I will make it as simple as possible. Their job is to help you get your idea started and submitted to Industry.

Inventions that InventHelp have had manufactured and distributed.
Welcome to the InventHelp Store

If you are serious about your idea you need to move forward on it. Don't sit on your great ideas any longer. Someone else might come up with the same idea or reinvent an idea. It's your opportunity and take it now!

  1. Make a sketch or drawing of your idea (You don't have to be an artist)
  2. Prepare a presentation of your idea
  3. Go to and schedule a meeting in your area.
  4. Before you talk to anyone about your idea you need to have them sign a confidentiality agreement so you are protected and secure. Most companies don't until they see your idea. InventHelp does NOT.
  5. It's going to cost $680.00 to have a book made of your idea including everything you need in order to cover costs such as manufacturing to marketing with a full description of your idea and graphic design.
  6. InventHelp can market for you or if you prefer to make it a family investment. Your choice!
Finally, you have something professional to present. It's your choice on how you want to present your idea to industries. I say that Invention Conventions are the best. They usually cost about $700 for admission not including making a diagram of your idea or invention. Again InventHelp will do everything for you but this is where it starts getting costly. Roughly it is going to cost about $5,000-$15,000.

The costs include covering travel time to conventions making prototypes, diagrams, brochures, packaging and all the essentials in order to obtain the best advertisement and interest of the consumer.

Again, act now! Don't wait! This is your chance to make something you have always dreamed of!

Best luck!

Your friend and adversary... 


  1. Oh god inventing something is the hard part lol, but if the one outa million chance happens and I do, I'll come asking for your advice :p

  2. That's pretty cool. I'm not really a creative person when it comes to inventing, but I'm sure this will be of use to someone.

  3. Man I have really came up with some ideas I think would be game changing! This is a very useful post! thank you for sharing! Following for sure =)

  4. I wish I had talent enough to invent something... Maybe in a few years, perhaps?

  5. I've never been able to invent, just come up with business plans. :( I need to find an inventor to work with, because I can totally do all the business entity formation, sourcing, marketing, etc.

  6. Awesome post. Now I just need to invent something cool! lol

  7. Great tips, thanks for the share. I'll check the site out

  8. That's a lot of money to invest, and with my luck my idea would be a complete and total failure!! lol

  9. Wow didn't know all that thanks for the info I have some good ideas I need to work on

  10. well a lot of investment, but its true, u have to spend money to make money

  11. really nice guide dude :)

  12. I'll have to think of this next time i get "one of those ideas" :D

  13. Thanks for the tips I'll keep them in mind


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