Monday, May 9, 2011

Lakers Defeated!!

Let's honor two legends of the NBA!! Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba) I had to refrain from letting tears roll down my face. What a ride boys!! You always gave LA something to look forward to.. I will remember every game! People of Los Angeles can't take anything for granite. Of course we expected the Lakers to win the finals, again. If you are a true Fan or what I like to call a Sports Enthusiast you will stand behind your TEAM! Phil Jackson will be remembered as the all time greatest coach in the league holding 11 championship titles. Wow! Mr. Jackson you will be missed. No one will EVER fill your shoes.

To see interviews on what Kobe and Phil had to say follow the link.


  1. It was sad to see the Laker's fall like they did. Down by almost 40 points. I threw in the towel towards the end of the 3rd Quarter. We always have next season to look forward to, however, without Phil Jackson. I'd like to Thank Phil Jackson for the all these years.

    Ps. I don't agree with the $35,000 fine given to Phil.

  2. Pf.. i didn't exepct that! but it happens.. better luck next year


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