Monday, May 23, 2011

Controversial Katy Perry!!

 Not everyone thought Katy Perry would ever get past the song "I Kissed a Girl and Liked it"  She stirred up a whole lot of controversy and it worked! Who wasn't talking about the release of kissing a girl? It was everywhere! Some people enjoyed the song even tho it was rather vulgar! 

Kids are still trying to grow up in the society that we live in which is not at all easy. Parents! Kids who watch music videos want to be like their icon. This persists as a problem most of the time for the simplest fact is that certain things are not appropriate! What else can we expect if all our kids watch are violence, sex, and drugs!

A little monitoring goes a long way!

Rock on  Katy Perry!

This song right here proves against what anyone had to say! With over 65 Million views! Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West ~ET is at the top of the billboard charts. This song is truly amazing! I can't seem to get enough. Not to mention the video is great! 


  1. I really hate katy perry's music but, holy shit, this song is fantastic! doesn't even sound like something she would release at all. the video is also amazing. i think it was directed by floria sigismondi, who is an awesome director.
    katy perry gained my respect after this song, so i downloaded her latest album and the rest of it sounds just terrible. hahahah

  2. I'm not huge fans of Katy Perry or Kanye West either but this song is pretty good. It's definitely catchy!

  3. she is decent.. but ok i am not in love with her :)

  4. I liked most of her tracks by now but i don't like Kanye at all.

  5. she is really bad outside of studio. but, this is a pretty good song tho


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