Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Devastating Tornado

Deadliest Twister since 1950

Joplin Missouri was hit hard by a tornado! The devastation is so tragic that it's going to take years for this town to rebuild and get back to where they were. They need all the help they can get with a Tornado Relief Fundraiser! A little can go a long way, don't hesitate to help if you feel compelled! If I could take time off of work I'd be out there right now helping clean up the debris and finding people to bring back to safety. Anytime I hear or see anything of this nature my heart goes out to the people who are going through this hard time. I stop and say a prayer for them, when all hope is gone you still have faith. Although it seems unlikely to find any survivors, it ultimately depends on a person who has the WILL to live. Nothing can stop a person from surviving if they truly have the will.

This frame grab from video shows lightning inside ...

To see something so catastrophic is astounding to visual perspective of any person because you know that this is really bad. Can you imagine having to deal with this personally. So many things take effect like fatigue, depression & uncertainty! People who have physical conditions are going to struggle more than anyone else. Our true heroes are the people who risk their lives to save others such as Firemen and Medical Personnel.

Traffic lights, street and miscellaneous signs ...

The housing district has been completely annihilated!  There is no place like home. Now where do they go! If the United States could jump so fast for the relief of the Tsunami in Japan I'd love to see the same thing done here in our own Country! The greatest excuse is we already donated to another organization! Like I have already said, a little can go a long way! Anything will help the people of Missouri! My heart is with all the people there who have lost loved ones. I care not going into specifics about how many people are missing.

Meghan Miller stands in the middle of a destroyed ...

I have family in Indiana and just last year I drove through Joplin, Missouri. I wouldn't even be able to recognize it now. Just yesterday I was speaking to a friend in Indiana and I was told that the weather was getting so bad that the Tornado warnings were going off all day. There were Tornado warnings in Indiana and a power outage occurred. It's really scary to deal with I'm sure. I haven't ever witnessed an actual Tornado. The worst part about the whole thing is that they could possibly have another Tornado today!

A sign lays among the ruins after a devastating ...
Dead End of the United States


  1. Tornadoes are so ridiculously powerful. Scary pictures.

  2. Looks really bad, never even seen a tornado in my life

  3. Incredible pictures, so sad.

  4. that is bad... nature will destroy us eventully

  5. I thought it was crazy that just a day after that nutter Camping predicted the end of the world there was a huge tornado! I bet those people thought it really was the end of the world!

    Not that I believe any of that rubbish though ^.^


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