Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Time Greatest Band known!!


Anytime you want to enjoy of the best Rock n' Roll! You should definitely turn on Led Zeppelin! They have the most unique style to their rhythm and the the profound sound is so lifting in a way of great feelings. Zeppelin has been around way before my time so when I would listen to Rock on the radio growing up, I often would hear great music. I then realized all the songs I really enjoyed listening to were by Zeppelin! It always amazes me that Zeppelin is so versatile with their music, they never get get old or even seem outdated!   Their music is truly Timeless!!

Playing Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Folk Rock you can't seem to get enough of the variations.  It's great knowing that a Rock Band of this magnitude could be so successful It's the "Love for Music" Selling over 200 million albums World Wide! Even tho some of their music is over 40 years old it doesn't sound like it's from that long ago. LED ZEPPELIN was way ahead of their time, the music they made will continue being great.  To me it's like it was just made! People around the world still enjoy their music on a regular basis.

A local radio station here in Los Angeles has a tribute to the Greatest Band every day! 95.5 KLOS has what's called "A Whole Lotta Led" meaning they play nothing but LED ZEPPELIN starting at 7:00pm Pacific standard time for about a half hour.  I always look forward to hearing their music because they have such a huge variety that you always have something to listen to that makes you feel great.  Everyone can relate to a song and has a certain emotion involved.  Most importantly it's how you want it to make you feel.

This is my Party Song to get Amped

Wanton Song
Had to play this!


                  Houses of Holy                                                         Physical Graffiti

                    Led Zeppelin                                                          Led Zeppelin II 

                     Dark Light                                                                  CODA      

                          MotherShip                                        Led Zeppelin IV (1971 Vinyl)                      

MotherShip is a "Greatest Hits Album" with a compilation of prior songs from earlier albums.  It's a great buy if your a first time listener of Led Zeppelin! It has all their great songs however you never know what your missing out on if you don't buy the full version of their prior albums. I literally enjoy every single song! I cycle through each album because everyday I listen to Led Zeppelin is pretty much a great day!

History & Name

Jimmy Page was in a band called "The Yarbirds". He started as the bassist for The Yardbirds and eventually took the position of second lead guitarist.  After touring for a long time the band begin to settle down.  Jimmy Page being the genius that he is, wanted to form a "Super Band" with lead guitarist Jeff Beck and "The Who's" rhythm section (drummer) Keith Moon and (bassist) John Entwistle.  The band never formed although Page, Beck & Moon did record a song in 1966 "Becks Bolero"

Led Zeppelin was formed between 1968-1970 when (Lead Guitarist), Jimmy Page, (Singer), Robert Plant (Drummer), John Bonham and (Bassist) John Paul Jones Join Forces! Jimmy Page is the one who initiated the search for a new band after his former band The Yardbirds had their differences. Led Zeppelin is regularly described as the pro-generators of  Heavy Metal! This is very true in my respected opinion! They were "The Biggest Band in the World" from the years 1971-1975.

Led Zeppelin was formed between 1968-1970 when (Lead Guitarist), Jimmy Page, (Singer) Robert Plant, (Drummer), John Bonham and (Bassist), John Paul Jones join forces!  Jimmy Page is the one who initiated the search for a new band after his former band The Yardbirds had their differences.  Led Zeppelin is regularly described and known as the pro-generators of Heavy Metal!  This is very true in my respected opinion! They were "The Biggest Band in the World" starting in the years of 1971-1975. 

After first forming the band now known today as Led Zeppelin they didn't actually have a name.  They all got together and couldn't think of a name! They just wanted to play!.  They got a gig to play a show and have a concert to earn money and of course have fun while they would perform.  Little did Jimmy Page know the band The Who would be performing at the same venue.  Being there was prior history with Keith Moon. 

Whilst  Jimmy Page is walking on stage getting ready to perform with his newly formed band, of all people to cross his path was the one and only Keith Moon! He walks up to Jimmy Page and says: "Your going to sink just like Led Zeppelin!"  Led Zeppelin was the blimp that sunk, crashed and blew up in Germany!  This is something extremely crucial to say to someone after something so tragic and especially right before his very first performance with a new band in front of such a large crowd.

Well, little did Keith Moon  know that he had just named "The Greatest Band in the World!"  The name  Led Zeppelin suited them perfect and Jimmy Page  made it so that they would be rememberer as more than a "Blimp" that just sunk but a huge explosion that Rocked the World!! 


  1. I really love Led Zeppelin, I need to check out more of their albums as I only own the first two.

  2. It's up there with the Beatles.

  3. true! one of the best band ever

  4. They are hands down one of the best bands on the entire planet. I absolutely LOVE the zep!!! =]]


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